Steel Plate Cutting Techniques Are Very Advanced

The Wonders of Steel
Stainless Steel CutSteel is one of the most utilized building materials in the world. Steel plates are commonly used in everything from skyscrapers to boats to cars. Steel is known for its ability to provide exceptional stability and durability. Heavy load-bearing properties and the advanced methods that have been discovered to bend, cut, forge and fasten steel plates make it one of the most versatile materials in the world. Many cities are built on a strong foundation of heavy steel and are poised to stand the test of time.
Steel Plate Cutting
A huge section of the steel industry revolves around the cutting of steel plates. Steel is only marginally useful as a full sheet, it gains most of its versatility when it is cut and formed into different shapes. Some projects use rough cuts, but others require very precise cuts. Most steel plate cutting companies generally offer varying levels of mass production and custom steel plate cutting. This requires different cutting machines and highly trained staff.
There are different plate cutting techniques that use advanced technologies to achieve varying levels of precision and results. Major steel plate cutting technologies include:
  • Plasma cutting - Also known as arc cutting, this type of precision cutting combines speed with affordability. Cuts typically have a positional accuracy of approximately 1/7th of an inch with very sharp edges and virtually no loss. Plasma cutting is used to cut plate steel up to 2 ½ - 3 inches thick.
  • Waterjet cutting - This is a relatively new type of cutting machine that uses a highly concentrated stream of water to cut materials up to thirteen inches thick and leave exceptionally clean edges. The use of water eliminates the chances of overheating. This type of cutting is usually precise within two thousandths of an inch. Waterjet machines are versatile and are frequently used to cut steel, ceramics, marble, granite and stone.
Choosing a Steel Plate Cutting Company
High-end steel plate cutting companies are able to employ both of these latest technologies and handle potentially high capacities of production. Steps should be taken to be as efficient as possible to eliminate product waste and maximize output. The best companies will take all the steps necessary to ensure that the customer's workflow is prioritized
A strong dedication to using the latest steel plate cutting equipment ensures that customers get the best experience for their investment. Computer numerical controlled (CNC) cutters are relatively new technologies that use computer programs to automate much of the cutting process. These cutters are renowned for consistent precision cuts in both mass production and custom projects resulting in minimal wasted materials. Using these types of machines demonstrates an investment in providing the most consistent and superior products possible.
A company's facilities can tell the story about the ability to potentially handle projects of all shapes and sizes. The size of the facility can determine the maximum size of the projects performed there as well as the ability for mass production. Overhead cranes with high lifting capacities are imperative to larger projects running efficiently and smoothly.
One of the most important things to consider when choosing a steel plate cutting company is the level of expertise and the attention to detail that is displayed in the work. This is the best way to ensure that the finished work is both professional and up to expectations.
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